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Workplace Safety And Security-Safety Tip Of The Week

Good Morning Folks. It is Friday! Ready for a huge holiday weekend?

Many people mistakenly think that there’s safety in numbers and because you’re at work you are in a safe environment. The fact of the matter is that workplace safety and security is something that should be taken very seriously because threats are everywhere-even in the workplace.

You would think a hospital is a safe place when in fact hospitals represent a significant safety and security threat to the nurses and doctors who work there. Recently several hospitals have started allowing their personnel to carry pepper sprays and stun guns for personal safety and security.

The most severe threats to personnel are at night in poorly lit areas like parking lots and stairwells exiting office buildings. Criminals hang out in these areas because the targets that they seek are usually distracted by work considerations and are not paying attention.

–So be aware of your surroundings.
–Avoid stairwells-get your exercise some other way.
–Use the buddy system when walking to your car in a darkened parking lot. Go with a friend or ask someone with building security to accompany you.
–And the last suggestion, always carry a stun gun or pepper spray with you.

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Have a great weekend-Happy Labor day!!

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