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Workplace Safety & Security Safety Tips

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There’s a common misconception, which has risen in prevalence in recent years, that the workplace is a safe space. While injuries are to be expected at workplaces considering certain careers and industries, modern workplace trends have led to many people believing their workplaces cater to their personal needs. 

With office spaces built around employee satisfaction and experience, people are feeling more comfortable at work than ever before while being expected to undergo extreme amounts of stress from the burden of unachievable workloads. This dichotomy of workload stress and environmental comfort can lead to blind spots in daily life. One such blind spot is workplace safety and security. 

Threats occur everywhere in life, from our homes to shopping malls. It would be ignorant to say that violent threats cannot occur in the workplace, and it’s this fact that requires forethought when considering personal safety on a daily basis. 

To ensure your safety while on and off the clock, you should take time to consider how and when violence can break out in your workplace. Many people think there’s always safety in numbers, but you can never truly know when a violent attack might break out. 

To maintain the utmost level of safety for you and your coworkers, you should consider the following safety and security tips, all intended to keep you protected while heading to work, remaining at work, and leaving for home.

Beware of the dark.

Criminals rely on working in the dark. Not only does it provide a cover that can easily be escaped into, but people walking alone make easy targets, as there will be no witnesses around. 

One of the best ways to protect yourself while walking in the dark, whether on your way to work or leaving the office later than expected, is to carry a personal self-defense device on you—a taser, pepper spray, or something potentially lethal like a gun or knife. Consider wielding such weapons only when they are needed, either to intimidate or as a last-ditch effort to protect yourself. 

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Furthermore, your best bet when traveling at night is to remain in well-lit public spaces. This means avoiding empty parking garages, hidden stairwells, and darkened pathways. It’s in your best interest to stick to areas that are illuminated, have consistent foot traffic, and have fellow pedestrians in earshot. These three actions are sure to ward off any attacker. 

Use the buddy system whenever possible.

Leaving the office late at night? Consider finding a coworker to walk with you. While you won’t always be protected with a companion, another body can help deter an aggressor from approaching you. 

If a friend or coworker isn’t available, consider talking to your company’s security team if it is available. They’ll sometimes be willing to provide you with an escort to and from your car if desired. 

Stay alert, even during the day.

Arguments break out, employees can become disgruntled, and you never know how serious workplace tension can become. We’ve heard news stories from around the country about mass workplace violence, and we never expect it to affect us until it does. 

Take preemptive caution and invest in a personal safety device. These easily hidden and storable personal safety devices can be used in the event of a sudden attack, where you need to take all measures available to ensure you remain protected. 

Ask your company to keep an eye out. 

If you work in a retail environment, it’s likely that your company already has security cameras installed, solely for the purpose of preventing possible theft; however, security cameras might not be present if you work in an office environment. 

If you’re concerned about the actions of a fellow employee or simply want an extra layer of protection while in the workplace, consider talking to your company management about installing some form of hidden surveillance cameras. If they’re not totally sold on the idea, take actions into your own hands: An effectively placed hidden spy camera kept beside your computer can make sure you’re protected, whether it’s obtaining evidence of employee theft or abuse. 

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Protecting yourself in the workplace doesn’t require much work, just some simple steps to remain safe and secure. By planning ahead and remaining aware while on the clock, you can effectively protect yourself under any circumstance, improving your chances of navigating out of a potentially harmful situation. With our wide selection of self defense and personal safety devices to choose from, The Home Security Superstore aims to keep you safe in any situation or environment! To learn more, reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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