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Why Your Home Should Have Security Cameras-Two Great Reasons

In study after study done by independent agencies and police departments all over the country, the number one deterrent to home burglary is the sound of a barking dog. Close behind that are security cameras. It is just a fact that burglars no matter their skill level always check out the home first before they burglarize it. As part of that “casing” process, burglars check to see if there are any obvious burglary prevention tools in place by the homeowner as part of the home security program.

So the first thing burglars look for are signs of a dog such as a dog run in the backyard or a warning sign of a vicious guard dog in the front yard. Then they look to see if there are any security cameras around the home. There are so many targets to choose from, that if they see these burglary impediments, they simply choose another target.

The fact of the matter is that one out of every six homes will be a victim of home burglary every year according to the latest statistics. That is why home security has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the country.

There are two great reasons why your home should have security cameras in and around it. The first is the cameras alone act as a deterrent. No burglar wants to get caught so when he sees a security camera he is liable to stay away. And secondly if he is not bright enough to stay away and does decide to break in, the security camera will catch his image and make apprehension much easier for law enforcement.

This Night Vision Camera can be placed up to 328 feet away from a wireless receiver, both of which have antennas. The night vision capability is up to 50 feet and motion activated detection is up to 15 feet. All video is date and time stamped. There is two-way talking capabilities allows you to speak on both ends of the camera system. The camera itself has a viewing angle of 66 degrees and is in a waterproof housing.

There are many ways that you can improve your home security and take steps to avoid home burglary. The best ways for burglary prevention are with security cameras and the barking dog. In the long run security cameras are much cheaper and much more effective at identifying the perpetrator of a burglary than the cost of a burglary.

This Electric Box Camera is completely weatherproof and is meant to be placed outdoors. It can operate up to one year in standby mode on a single battery charge. It makes a perfect covert security camera to protect your home against home burglary.

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