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Why Unique Key Hiders Are Gaining Popularity

keys beneath home mat

One of your most important tasks as a homeowner is protecting your home against burglars. There are many ways to achieve a strong level of security. You can install lights around the outside of your home or place security cameras around primary entryways. But, there’s another method that tends to go overlooked. 

Every family has a spare key for their home hidden somewhere—it’s necessary in case someone loses their key and would be locked out otherwise. The downside to the hidden-key tactic is that many people place keys in obvious hiding spots. These include hiding a key under your welcome mat, a potted plant near your front door or a tiny statue located in your garden. 

Burglars know these hiding spots well. While you might think they’re a good idea, they leave your home vulnerable.

Outdoor key hiders are one solution to poor hiding spots and experienced home invaders. 

The Benefits of Key Hiders

Key hiders are a safe way to hide your keys from potential intruders. Entirely inconspicuous, you can hide your spare key without garnering any attention. They are great for guests, cleaners or dog walkers who need to enter your home when you are not there. They know exactly how to keep your home secure even when you're not around. 

What are some of the best options available on the market? And how well can they fit in with the rest of your property and home? 

The Most Common Key Hiders

While several key hiders are available, the most trusted will blend in perfectly with the rest of your property. Homeowners use fake rocks to hide keys, and they work extremely well. Appearing like any ordinary rock, these key hiders can easily blend into your lawn or the plants in your garden. You'll never be locked out of your home or car ever again with this inconspicuous fake rock. Its secret compartment allows you to actually hide keys rather than simply placing them under any old rock.

rocks in yard grass

The credit card-sized insert for wallets makes for another sound, reliable option. Made of durable plastic, this credit card-sized (3 3/8" x 2 1/8") key holder can readily fit into any wallet, allowing you to carry a spare key on you at all times. It even has enough space to hold two keys in case you need it.

For those on the go, the magnetic key hider works wonders. Made of durable ABS plastic, the strong magnets in this hider allow you to stick it to any metal surface. This device works best underneath the wheel well of your car, where it will remain through poor weather and bumpy roads. But it works well on any other metal surface, especially under the overhanging roof of your shed. 

Some Interesting and Clever Key Hiders

There are so many options that you should really explore which work best for your needs. A fake sprinkler system is a great option for homeowners, as it's a key hider made from a real yard sprinkler head. With a screw top for extra security, this waterproof device allows you to easily hide your key. This key hider fits best among mulch or soil in your garden bed. It goes unseen among the surrounding plants and real sprinklers, allowing you to protect your keys while keeping a spare handy.

home temperature concept

The thermometer diversion makes for a similar key hider that blends in with its surrounding environment. This key hider features a working thermometer on the outside that can measure temperatures between -30° C to 50° C or -20° F to 120° F. It looks like any real thermometer you might buy, so it's sure to go undetected by any potential burglars.

Traditional hiding spots for spare keys won't do—they've become common knowledge and aren't safe. If you're looking to store a spare key for your home, it's time to invest in an outdoor key hider

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Where to Hide a Key Outside Your Home

Using an outdoor key hider is the best option for protecting your home from potential burglars. Common key hiders include fake rocks, thermometers and sprinklers.

Why Use an Outdoor Key Hider?

Key hiders provide an inconspicuous hiding spot from experienced home invaders. They are great for guests, cleaners or dog walkers who need to enter your home when you are not there.

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