Why Pepper Spray Is So Effective

The origins of pepper spray go back thousands of years. There was a time when the ancient Chinese threw bags of hot spices at their enemies. That worked back then and pepper spray today is still the most popular and one of the most effective self defense products in the world.

To give you an idea of how effective it is there isn’t one police officer in the United States-not one-who doesn’t carry pepper spray on his utility belt. Even all letter carriers with the USPS carry pepper spray as a first defense against dog attacks when they are on their appointed rounds.

Pepper spray uses a derivative of one of the hottest peppers in the world-the cayenne. That derivative is called oleoresin capsicum or OC for short. When the spray hits an assailant in the face it causes several things to happen.

First it causes intense burning of the skin. Then it causes choking, coughing and makes breathing difficult. It also makes seeing difficult because it causes profuse tearing of the eyes.

Like all self defense products the effects are not long-lasting and will go away. For Pepper Spray Products the effects last longer than any other self defense products up to 45 minutes giving you time to get away from a dangerous situation to get help.