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Why College Women Need Self-Defense Items On and Off Campus

There’s an old expression that statistics don’t lie. And while there might be some question about that, there is no question about the facts. And the facts are that college age women are more susceptible to sexual assault both on and off campus than just about any other category of women. Every study I’ve ever seen shows that four out of every ten college age women can expect to be assaulted while in school. Does that surprise you?

I’m really not sure why it should. Women are the targets of 90% of all assaults anyhow. And just because a woman is on a college campus doesn’t make her any safer. As a matter of fact, some people think that they are not safer at all. Predators of all stripes look at college campuses as fertile feeding grounds for their perversions..

And if the threat from sexual predators who are not students isn’t bad enough, add in college age males who are running supercharged on testosterone, a few drugs and alcoholic beverages and you have the potential for more sexual assaults. Last week there was an example of a woman who was sexually assaulted in her dorm room on campus. How bad is that?

So if women know this ahead of time, the prudent thing for them to do is to prepare and learn how to defend themselves and arm themselves with some self-defense items. Then they can fend off these sexual predators to ensure personal safety.

There’s a very good self-defense course on DVD that is geared towards women. It was put together by a sexual assault survivor and martial arts trainer. Who better to teach self-defense than a woman who has been through a sexual assault?

Learning some basic self-defense techniques is a good beginning for women, but it should be followed up by getting and learning how to use one or more self-defense items. Some cities and states have restrictions on stun guns. Fewer jurisdictions have restrictions on pepper sprays. There are no restrictions on personal alarms.

We would recommend a good strong pepper spray, one that’s on a key chain such as a Hot Pink Spray so it’s easy to access. Then, if they are legal in your area, get an inexpensive stun gun or a personal alarm-sometimes called panic alarms.

Campus authorities pride themselves on keeping their students safe and they do try. But when you get right down to it, the responsibility for your own personal safety and personal self-defense lies with you. It is much better to be prepared for what seems to be the inevitable assault and learn how to defend yourself.

Kimber Johnson’s Women’s Self-Defense DVD teaches predator defense tactics and rape prevention techniques.

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