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Why College Women Need Self-Defense Weapons

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Today, women are outnumbering men at a record high in colleges, community colleges, and universities in both undergraduate and graduate studies. Unfortunately, statistics illustrate that women in college-aged 18-24 are at three times more risk of sexual assaults than other age groups. What’s even more shocking is that 23.1 percent of university attending women experience sexual assault or rape through violence, incapacitation, or physical force. So, it’s critical that women in college are familiar with potentially lifesaving self-defense tactics. One of simplest ways to feel and stay safe is by keeping a self-defense weapon on hand.

Campus Safety

Feeling safe both on and off campus is crucial for students, especially when they’re seen as more vulnerable to people who may want to bring harm. Petty crooks are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they’re not completely stupid, either. They know that college campuses are easy targets to commit assault, robbery, and practically any other crime you can think of against the young coeds on campus.

Parents pay particular attention to what the campus community tells them about the safety on and off campus. A safe campus is one of the first things they look for when choosing a university. It’s also important for these students and especially the female population to communicate with their peers about potentially dangerous situations, environments and people that should be avoided.

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Self Defense Weapons Are the Perfect Security Solution for Young Women

With a new found freedom and the temptation of constant partying, college students can find themselves to be very caught up in the moment, feeling both invincible and all knowing. In many cases, this could leave students in very undesirable or unsafe situations. To prevent this from happening, it’s important that they take responsibility to make themselves aware of the potential dangers involved. Education is key is always key. Being equipped with an effective self-defense weapon like pepper spray or a personal alarm is also very helpful. A stun gun or taser can provide ample diversion for anyone to get away and find help.

A personal alarm is essentially a loud noisemaker with a range of up to 300 feet. It can draw attention to your situation if you feel threatened. Pepper spray can disable an assailant up to 20 feet away by spraying a powerful burning mist into his eyes. They also breathe the spray in, and it affects their mucous membranes as well, making it difficult to breathe. A stun device, like the C-2 taser, is similar to the tasers that police officers across the U.S. use, but for civilian use. It’s a very popular self-defense item, especially for women.

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Using self-defense weapons will enhance a woman’s safety both on and off campus. However, it’s vital that you’re comfortable using and having the weapon that you choose. Often, nonlethal self-defense weapons that are easy to use and convenient to carry are the best choice for women in college. It’s also critical to make sure the weapon is legal in the area you’re carrying. Some cities and states have restrictions on self-defense items, such as stun devices and pepper sprays, so check with your local police department first before you buy one.

Once you have these self-defense items, make sure that you know how to use them and practice using them so you become proficient. The Home Security Superstore has a wide variety of self-defense products to choose from, so you’ll find the perfect weapon to fit your needs.


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