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 $100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!

Who Needs Self-Defense Products?

Just about everybody needs a self-defense product, especially when you consider that even police officers carry some that gives you an idea how important they are to your self-defense and personal protection. Police officers all carry pepper sprays and most of them carry and use tasers, an advanced form of a stun device.

By definition, self-defense products are a nonlethal alternative to the deadly force of a handgun and are a primary means of personal protection and personal defense for millions of Americans, especially women, who do not wish to carry a handgun. They can incapacitate an assailant for as much as over 30 minutes. In that time you can escape a dangerous situation and seek help.

Self-defense products incapacitate an assailant in several different ways. Stun devices do it by sending an electrical charge into an assailant’s body short-circuiting the muscular system and causing the body to overwork in a very rapid fashion depleting it of all blood sugars. Pepper sprays use the resin of the very powerful cayenne pepper to form the basis of a pain and tear-producing product.

Law enforcement officials tell us that the three most common places where assaults occur are; at home in defense against domestic abuse, at work and in parking lots were a lot of assaults against women occur.

So who needs a self-defense product? Obviously, if you are in an abusive relationship with a partner, husband or boyfriend, you need to have a way to defend yourself, and for many that way is a stun gun or a pepper spray. One out of every four women in the United States is a victim of domestic violence.

Surprisingly a large number of assaults occur to employees either at work or on their way to and from work. Nurses and other medical professional personnel seem to have an excessively high number of assaults against them. Many people who drive a lot for a living are especially at risk. Some examples are delivery and sales personnel.

Employees who work different shifts are exposed to nighttime predators. Real estate professionals and food service managers who make bank deposit runs are also at high risk. Then think about jobs that are inherently dangerous such as fugitive recovery agents or repo workers. Most of them carry at least a pepper spray.

And an astonishingly high number of assaults occur in parking lots and not just commercial parking lots. Parking garages at places of employment can be dangerous as well because of poorly lit and unguarded facilities. Women who shop in malls are frequently distracted when leaving the store on the way to their car. They might as well have a red flag over their head because predators are out there.

Just about everyone needs a self-defense product to survive assaults that can happen anywhere, at any time or place. They provide a level of personal protection and personal defense that is nonlethal.

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