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What to Look for in Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are one of the major deterrents to home burglary which is the biggest problem crime-wise facing homeowners in the United States. Nearly one out of every six homes is a victim of home burglary every year. The FBI tells us that 73% of all burglaries are home related so it’s a very real threat to homeowners.

A security camera for your home sends a powerful message to would-be burglars that if they dare enter the premises, their image will be captured forever on video. Law enforcement authorities are quick to point out that if homeowners have a video of a burglary, that the chances are increased by 50% in catching the bad guys. Ordinarily only about 5% of all burglars ever get caught. So having a home security camera capture the crime on video is a very good thing.

Some of the most effective security cameras are actually nanny cameras or hidden security cameras. They have a slightly different purpose than a regular security camera. They are meant to catch people doing things that they shouldn’t be doing and capturing that image without them knowing. Hidden cameras are effective as nanny cameras, keeping an eye on your babysitter, capturing images of employees stealing from a business and even spouses cheating on each other. They are legal in almost all jurisdictions, but you should check with your District Attorney first before you plan on using one.

Here we are talking about regular cameras for security that can be placed either inside or outside your home. We recommend ones that are placed outside the home so a potential burglar can actually see the camera. Seeing an actual camera in place is half of the deterrent to preventing a home burglary.

There are several different kinds of home surveillance cameras. They come in wired and wireless versions and have differing capabilities including the ability to be placed outdoors. We always recommend that you get a camera or cameras that has color video and is wireless. They are so much more reliable than they used to be. We also recommend that you get a camera that has remote Internet viewing capability. This capability gives you the ability to see what your camera sees from anywhere that you can get an Internet connection. Almost all security cameras these days have motion detection capability so they only record when there’s activity in front of the lens.

In short, when shopping for a home surveillance camera look for these characteristics; remote viewing, color, night vision capability, a wide field of view, and motion detection features. It’s also nice to have e-mail alerts which are pretty much standard with most home security cameras.

Our Wireless IP Camera has remote viewing and is weatherproof. It sends email alerts too.

This Four Camera System has remote viewing in color and sends images wirelessly to your monitor.

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