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What to Look for in Home Security Safes

Before you go looking for a safe to improve your home security you need to decide what kind of safe it is that you want and what exactly it will be used for. Will it be used as a fire safe or to secure valuables from home burglary? Will it be used as a gun safe to secure rifles? Will it be used in a business to secure currency? Those are the first sets of questions you should ask yourself before you start shopping for one.

Then where will it be located? If it is going to go in a basement for example, there’s the question of logistics-getting it down there and of humidity. Humidity is murder on a fire safe. If it’s going to be used to store rifles, does it meet the minimum requirements as set up by the Department of Justice regulatory standards?

After you make those basic decisions, here are some other things to think about when looking to get a safe.

If you own a business that takes in a lot of cash or credit card receipts, you may want a drop safe.

If you are starting to store cash, gold and silver at home as a hedge against a financial disaster, floor safes are perfect for these types of situations.

If you’re looking for a safe to protect documents, then you want a fire safe. And the longer that is capable of protecting those documents, the more expensive it will be.

A burglary safe today has many features designed to deter a criminal from breaking in. Many safes have anchors so they can be mounted on the floor or wall.

A good locking system should “consist of a minimum of a mechanical or electronic combination lock with at least 10,000 possible combinations.”

Safes should have three steel locking bolts of at least a half-inch thickness that intrude from the door of the safe into the body and the wall should be made of 12 gauge thick steel for single walled safe.

Door hinges should be protected to prevent the removal of the door and hinges should not be exposed to the outside. “Interlocking door design, dead bars and active and inactive locking bolts should be used.”

Walls and doors should resist items such as crowbars, blowtorch and drill attacks for as long as the safe is rated and they are rated in 15 minutes increments. Obviously, the longer that the rating extends, the more expensive it would be.

Those are some things you should be considering in making a decision about a home security safe to improve your home security and protect items from a home burglary.

So called Hotel Safes are very effective for smaller items in smaller places such as apartments. They are not just for hotels.

Check out all of our selection of Home Security Safes one of which is bound to meet your security needs.

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