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Hurricane Emergency Preparedness – Are You Ready?

This past summer has been filled with emergencies and natural disasters. In Colorado there was the Waldo Canyon fire which destroyed close to 350 homes. The Western United States has been a tinderbox for nearly a decade now with near drought conditions. Year after year. So it’s no wonder that the number of wildfires has far exceeded normal.

Then recently everybody has heard of hurricane Isaac and the damage and destruction that caused. Natural disasters and emergencies such as wildfires and hurricanes cause temporary loss of housing and create conditions that are difficult to cope with. They are made even more difficult if you’re not prepared for them and to be honest, most people aren’t.

Many people actually do prepare for emergencies. Emergency preparedness and disaster planning have been on the minds of many for the last few years. The drought out west caused fire departments and homeowners to do vegetation abatement around homes to mitigate the effects of a wildfire.

In the Waldo Canyon fire for example, many homeowners were given 15 minutes to get out of their homes. Many of them were not allowed to return for as long as two weeks. Some of them lost their homes forever. If you do some planning you can actually take some of the sting out of an emergency.

Fifteen minutes to leave your home doesn’t give you any time to prepare food for your family. Shelter is almost always available somewhere but food isn’t. Emergency food supplies are available in a wide choice of configurations that can provide for a family of four up to a year. Most of them have a 25 year shelf life and are easy to store and transport.

When there is an emergency, law enforcement, fire department and all manner of first responders are busy doing other things-they don’t have time to help you. So the more you know, the better off you’re going to be in protecting yourself and even your neighbors to help get them through the emergency.

There is a written resource that we recommend authored by a retired fire department captain who speaks from experience. He shows you how to survive nine crises that usually follow disasters.

There are things that homeowners can do for emergency preparedness and disaster planning. They include stockpiling an emergency food supplies and knowing what to do when disaster strikes. And for many people in the U.S. who live in floodplains or drought stricken areas, it is not a question of if an emergency will occur but when.

Emergency Food supplies can feed a family of four for one month with 120 meals. There are other food choice options too.

The Self Reliance Disaster Handbook guides you through nine different crises that follow disasters.

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