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What Kind Of Safe Do You Need?

What Kind Of Safe Do You Need?

It is probably not as elaborate as this bank vault shown here. Under what circumstances or conditions should you have a safe in your home? That is the topic that we will explore in today’s article. You may be surprised to find out that just about everybody needs some kind of safe. In our article entitled ‘Do You REALLY Need A Safe?’ we discussed what safes are and the 10 types of safes that we carry.

The most common types of safes are burglar and/or the fire resistant variety, then comes resistance to environmental factors such as water and then the by the type of lock used. We also discussed the legal requirements placed on manufacturers for gun safes.

Obviously, if you have a handgun or rifle in your house for self defense, you need a specialty safe for those items. Those are high-value targets for burglars and need all the protection you can give them. Also high on the list of targets for burglars is jewelry or collectibles. We picked an arbitrary figure of $500 as a minimum value for personal property that you want to protect with a safe. That amount usually covers a deductible in a homeowner’s clause for theft in a robbery or burglary.

But many people want to protect valuables that fall below that threshold. For them, one of our diversion safes or can safes will do the trick. Diversion safes are common household products, usually kitchen products or cleaning products, that have hollowed out interiors to hide small valuables such as credit cards, cash and others. We have several that are big enough to even hold handguns. Most diversion or can safes are weighted so they give not only the look of the real product but the feel of it also.

It is just a proven fact that burglars will spend no more than seven minutes, on average, looking for things to steal. The kitchen is usually the last place they would think of to look, and they cannot look everywhere. If they can’t find what they’re looking for in that 5 to 7 minutes, they may get frustrated and leave. Isn’t that what you want?

This Globe Gun Safe is one of 68 diversion safes we carry and a great way to hide handguns. It will hold as many as three handguns on adjustable vinyl rods to keep your guns securely in place. It has room enough for gun magazines and other valuables. This beautiful dark cherry finish wood stand is an elegant accessory for your home or office. No one would ever think to look inside this handsome looking globe to find handguns.

It is just one of the over 200 safes we carry in 10 different categories. One of them is bound to meet your needs.

Do you think it’s important to own a safe?

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