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What Defines The Strongest Stun Gun?

What Defines The Strongest Stun Gun?

If you’re in the market for a stun gun, you’re probably considering the effectiveness of each stun self-protection product as much as the design. Maybe more. Because while you want a stun gun that is easy to hold and use, your stun weapon is only as good as its ability to temporarily disable your assailant. But what does it actually mean to be one of the strongest stun guns available? It all comes down to amps and volts. Let’s take a look at how to define the strongest stun guns. 

What is Amperage?

There is a lot of talk of volts when it comes to stun guns, as there should be, but the amperage (or amps) of a stun gun is just as important. To use a plumbing analogy, the amperage is like the amount of water running through a pipe. In other words, the amps represent how much electricity is running through your stun gun. As you might guess, the higher the amps the more potential to incapacitate an attacker very quickly. An effective stun gun will have at least 3 milliamps, and the highest amperage stun guns on the market usually have between 4.5-4.9 milliamps. 

Understanding Voltage

If amperage is the amount of water in a pipe, the voltage is the amount of pressure that propels the water forward. If you have a lot of water in your pipes and bad water pressure, the water will drip from your showerhead in a very dissatisfying way. We’ve all been there. In a stun gun, if you have a lot of amps but very little voltage to move it along, you may have to hold your stun gun to your assailant for what feels like a long time to get the desired result. 

Your attacker will be hit with electricity immediately no matter the voltage, but an increased voltage figure could mean only making contact with your target for 3 seconds instead of 8 seconds. In the event of an attack, even a few seconds makes a difference! That’s why high-voltage stun guns for sale are so popular and often make the right choice for personal protection. Some stun guns have more than 20 million volts, which can push forward electricity very quickly. 

Considering Control 

With ample amps and volts at your disposal, the final component of a strong stun gun is your ability to control it. After all, if a stun gun is easy to take out of your hands, it could make you more vulnerable instead of strengthening your position in an altercation. Many stun gun models come with wrist straps which keep the stun gun attached to your arm at all times. You may also want to choose a knuckle model that you can slide your fingers through for a good grip. Still, other stun guns are designed to be gripped like a gun. No matter the stun gun you choose, it’s good to consider how well you can maintain control of the amps and volts while it’s in use. 

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