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Watch Self Defense Training DVDs for Your Protection

Recently one of my female neighbors was assaulted right in our apartment complex parking lot. It’s a senior community so it got a lot of attention in the press, not just for the fact that she was assaulted but how she handled it using some self-defense tools and some self-defense techniques that she learned from a DVD that she bought from me recently.

We have always preached to anyone who would listen that it’s not just enough to get a self-defense product for female self-defense or for personal protection but it has to be backed up by some knowledge of self-defense techniques.

I have said many times that if children started learning self-defense techniques in grade school and practiced them throughout their lives there would be a lot less assaults on women. Not sure that will ever happen, but I still continue to spread the word.

Anyhow, back to my neighbor. It was broad daylight about four in the afternoon when she was getting out of her car in the parking garage-one of the most common areas for assaults-and heading to the building. A stranger approached her from behind and asked her where the dumpsters were. She immediately got suspicious because they’re only one hundred feet ahead of her in plain sight.

So she reached into her purse and grabbed her pepper spray that was on a keychain. She told the stranger to back off but he didn’t listen and kept approaching. She fired a warning shot of the pepper spray to get his attention, but he didn’t get the message and kept approaching. She fired two quick shots at him and unfortunately she missed both times.

As he continued toward her she grabbed her cane and jabbed him in the throat with the bottom end of the cane, which nearly crushed his windpipe. To make sure he was no longer a threat, she did a wild flailing move to the side of his head which actually knocked him off his feet. Bear in mind this is from a 75-year-old, 5’2″, 110 pound wildcat.

A neighbor saw what was happening and called police. When they arrived they called an ambulance for the bad guy who was bleeding profusely. My neighbor was “shaken but not stirred.”

She learned these self-defense techniques from a training DVD that she recently watched. They are the latest craze in self-defense training, especially for seniors. They can teach the basics of the skill set in a half hour course that can be watched over and over in the comfort of your own home, with or without friends or family.

When you’re thinking about self-defense, go ahead and get a self-defense product such as stun gun or a pepper spray, but use a self-defense training course as a basis for your strategy.

Always carry a Keychain Pepper Spray with you as first line of defense.

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