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$100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!
Today’s offer: :: | $100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!
Today’s offer: : :
 $100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!

Video Patrol Spy Camera Can Protect Your Home And Your Car From Vandalism

This outstanding spy camera looks just like an air freshener. It’s wireless, weather resistant and is designed for situational monitoring in an outdoor situation. A good example is if you have someone that you know is vandalizing your property or your car between 10 and two o’clock. It would be a perfect way to catch them-red handed.

It records high-quality color video or full-color photographs. The photos are stamped with the time and date which proves to be useful in a legal proceeding if you try to prosecute someone. It has an effective range of 23 feet.

Once the infrared sensor detects motion it instantly records video or snaps a picture and stamps it with the day and date. Since it goes through batteries very quickly it is not good for long-term situations. It can hold up to 75 minutes of video or 26,000 photographs. It uses a 2 GB SD card. It works with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. The unit comes with mounting hardware, a USB cable to download the images and a warning sticker.

The outstanding Video Patrol Spy Camera is a cheap way to protect your property too.

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