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Unraveling the Mystery of Home Security

Home security as an industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. It had $60 billion worth of sales last year. One of the reasons for the growth is that more homeowners are realizing the value of having their most valuable asset-their home-protected with any one of a variety of home security products.

Some people are in a quandary about how to deal with home security. It seems like burglars select homes at random, which further befuddles homeowners. If you talk to any competent burglar or any law enforcement official they can tell you that homes are selected based on their perceived vulnerability.

In this article we will take some of the mystery out of home security-unravel it, if you will-and show you some techniques to make your home more secure.

You can start by making your home appear less vulnerable. How do you do that? Eliminate hiding places around ground-level windows and doors. Since most burglaries are done during the daytime when homeowners are not home, burglars need the cover of shrubbery and bushes to conceal their location and keep them from being spotted by neighbors.

And again, since most burglaries are done during the daytime you need another set of eyes watching over your property when you’re not there. That is the idea behind the neighborhood watch program. If there is one in your neighborhood, join it and get active. If you don’t have one in your neighborhood, get one started. Your local Police Department can help you get it going.

Consider putting some warning signs in your front yard-warning of a vicious guard dog or of a CCTV system in place. A dog and security cameras are two of the biggest deterrents to burglars. Only your neighbors will know you don’t have a dog. And a fake security camera is the very realistic substitute for security cameras that cost so much more. Then only you will know they are not real.

Have as many alarms in your house as you can afford. They’re inexpensive and we would recommend one for every door and window. The barking dog alarm is the best motion alarm in the marketplace.

When it is all said and done, home security is not really such a mystery. Don’t make your home look vulnerable and put up as many obstacles as you can afford to make a burglar’s job more difficult. Those might include warning signs, fake security cameras, removing potential hiding places, alarms for as many doors and windows as you can afford and join the neighborhood watch program.

We have 32 Fake security cameras to choose from. Any of them can fool even the sharpest burglar.

The Electronic Watchdog is one of the most effective motion detector alarms in the marketplace.

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