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Self-Defense: Why Stun Devices Don’t Always Work – Five Reasons

Stun devices are one of the most reliable self-defense products in existence today for female self-defense and personal safety. Statistics show that they are close to 90% effective and for most that 90% effectiveness rating is plenty good. To get it up to close to 100% in that category of stun devices means buying a taser, which is nearly 100% effective but costs easily 15 to 20 times the cost of a regular stun gun.

Stun guns don’t work all the time. Here are five of the reasons why they don’t. Perhaps if you know what these reasons are you can overcome and compensate for them.

First of all let’s look at what stun guns are and what they do. They are hand-held nonlethal self-defense products with two or more prongs on one end that send electric shock into the body when applied for 3 to 5 seconds. That electricity causes the muscles to over work in a very rapid fashion depleting all blood sugars that are needed for energy. Once that happens the assailant has no energy left to harm you.

1. First on the list is perhaps the most obvious-it is a defective product. In my nearly ten years in the self-defense products industry, I can remember only one stun device that didn’t work properly because of a product defect. Nearly every one of them these days has a lifetime warranty, so replacing it isn’t a problem. And you should test it before you need it, so you would already know whether it works or not.

2. The second reason is that the batteries are dead or that the device hasn’t been charged. Once again, you should check your device on a regular basis to make sure that the batteries are fresh or that the stun device is properly charged. How dangerous and perhaps fatal to get into a confrontation and find out your device has dead batteries.

3. The third reason it may not work is that you haven’t applied it long enough to an assailant. To work effectively it needs to be applied for a minimum of 3 to 5 seconds. That doesn’t sound like long but when you’re in a life or death situation, a few seconds is an eternity.

4. To work most effectively and put an assailant down for 5 to 10 minutes it must be applied to the nerve centers on the body located on the “upper hip area, below the rib cage or the upper shoulders.”

5. The final reason that it may not work is that your assailant is on drugs or is drunk on alcohol.

Those are five reasons why stun devices may not work.

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