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Home Security – The Top Three Most Popular And Best Safes For Your Home

Safes are one of the premier ways that commercial enterprises protect their valuables-from cash to company documents. Everyone from casinos to hotels and of course banks keep their cash in large safes or vaults. Safes are becoming more popular for homeowners to protect their valuables. And why not? They offer a convenient and often inexpensive alternative to keeping documents, jewelry, cash and even handguns in a home safe rather than in a bank safe deposit box.

Safes are an integral part of the home security plan. Over 90% of all home burglaries happen when the homeowners are not home. Very few burglars have the capability of breaking into a safe. That requires another skill set altogether that most intruders do not have.

Burglars spend 10 minutes or less looking for things of value. In that 10 minutes or less, if a burglar does not find things of value that he can pawn easily to get quick cash, he may just leave empty-handed. Those items of value could include cash, of course, handguns, jewelry, small valuable memorabilia and credit cards.

In this article we are going to describe for you the top three most popular safes. That way you can see if any one of them could be of use to you in protecting your valuables.

First on our list is a set of two books that have reddish-brown covers with gold-brown faux pages similar to what you would see in a Bible or encyclopedia set. The larger of the two books in this set can hide a full-sized handgun and of course other valuables. The smaller of the two books is titled “Peace Within” and can hold small to medium firearms. This set of diversion safes is very popular because no burglar has the time to look on a bookshelf for things of value. That’s the beauty of diversion safes.

The second most popular safe is also a diversion safe in the form of a real hardbound book with real printed pages, but it has a felt lined secret compartment that measures 6.5″ X 3.5″ X 1″. It can be used to hide a small gun, cash, jewelry and more. It blends right in with your bookshelf or you can even leave it lying on a coffee table.

And the third most popular safe is a home safe that has a programmable electronic keypad lock system and is fireproof rated for two hours. It has a vertical locking bar to prevent burglary. It weighs 354 pounds and is heavy enough that nobody would carry it out of your house, but it also has pre-drilled mounting holes to secure it to your house. It has 2.36 cubic feet of storage space with interior measurements of 21″ x 15″ x 13″.

Those are three of the most popular safes that you can use to store your valuables and improve your home security.

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