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Twelve Different Types of Safes for Business and Home Security

When I first started doing research for this article, I had absolutely no idea there were so many different types of safes. And quite frankly I’m really not sure I have discovered them all. So far I have discovered 12 different types of safes. Of course they all do the same thing – provide a secure environment for your valuables in a home, office or business. Whether they are documents, jewelry, cash, handguns, rifles etc. So all safes have that same base capability.

Here are the 12 types that we have found so far. There are probably more but they are variations of these types.

1. Home – one that is designed for your home has lesser capabilities and requirements than a business safe. They often are fireproof too.

2. High Security – that provide extra protection against burglary and robbery by beefing up wall and door thickness to withstand attack by blowtorch, crowbar and drill attacks.

3. Firearms – they offer extra high security for handguns and hunting rifles. They meet strict requirements to get that designation.

4. Diversion – these are ordinary looking products with hollowed out interiors to hide documents, cash or jewelry.

5. Vaults – the type that you would see in a bank or perhaps a casino. These are the largest and strongest safes in the world.

6. Floor – these are frequently built right into the foundation of the building whether it’s a home, office or commercial enterprise.

7. Waterproof – built to withstand the ravages of a flood.

8. Fire – built to withstand the heat from a fire. They often have mechanisms to infuse water to keep temperatures below 451 degrees which is the temperature at which paper burns.

9. Drop – these are frequently used for accepting payments or keys.

10. Laptop – designed specifically to secure laptops and are frequently used in hotels.

11. Hotel – these are designed to secure valuables in hotel rooms.

12. Office – they are designed to secure valuable documents, protect them from fire and sometimes secure cash.

Those are the most basic types of safes. Additionally there are Biometric Safes that can only be opened with a single fingerprint impression.

Many homes these days are being built with a selection of safes as a valuable addition to the home security items already in place. Everyone recognizes the need for security especially with home burglary seemingly running rampant.

Whether you own a home, run an office or own a business your security needs to be greatly enhanced by getting a safe to secure your valuables.

Check out all of our selection of close to 200 Safes one of which is bound to meet your security needs.

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