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Top Stun Guns – Product Reviews

Stun guns do not get as much notoriety as their steroid driven brother-the taser. And they don’t get as much publicity as pepper spray which continues to be the number one selling nonlethal self-defense product in the country. But stun devices play a key role in the self-defense of women and men everywhere. They are largely preferred by women for female self-defense and everyone for personal protection and their personal security.

They can disable an assailant for up to 10 minutes by causing the body to overwork in a very rapid fashion. These conditions are caused by an electrical charge that comes from the end of the device. It must be applied to an assailant anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds to be effective.

In this article we are going to take a look at several brands of stun devices and review them for you so you can see which ones might be best for you. We should note at the outset that they all basically do the same thing. We should also note that they are not legal in all jurisdictions. Some cities and states have not approved them for use by the general population.

The most widely known stun device is a taser made by Taser international. Their products sell in the civilian and law enforcement community. You must pass a background check as a civilian before the product can be activated. Tasers have been known to be nearly 100% effective with more stopping power than a 9 mm handgun. They rely on high-wattage and low-voltage to disable an assailant and are considerably more expensive than regular stun devices.

Regular stun devices use high-voltage and low-wattage to disable the assailant.

The next most widely known brand is Streetwise. They produce a collection of the most powerful stun devices in the marketplace today at very reasonable prices and all with lifetime warranties which bespeaks the quality of the product. Their stun products are made in the United States.

Guard dog brand stun guns are a relatively new entry into the self-defense products industry. Most of their products are stun flashlights and all of them come with a free pepper spray. Their most unique product is the iPhone stun gun. Their stun devices are all over 1,000,000 volts but none of them have lifetime warranties.

Stun Master is a name that has been around for over two decades. They produce high-quality stun guns in a wide variety of voltages and styles. All their products have a lifetime warranty. They have been innovators in the industry for years and were one of the first to introduce the disable pin wrist strap feature.

Zap stun tools are less well-known and do not offer the selection of many of their competitors. Their products are somewhat specialized-the walking cane stun device is a good example as is their product called knuckle blaster which is similar to brass knuckles. The “double trouble” features two sets of stun probes separated by 3 1/2 inches. Their products do not have lifetime warranties.

Cheetah is another lesser-known brand that has limited offerings. Their products do not offer a lifetime warranty. The most popular one is a 3 1/2 inch stun device that looks just like a lipstick dispenser with a keychain attachment.

And the last one is the Z Force line of stun guns that would appeal mainly to women because they are narrower and meant to fit a woman’s smaller hand.

That in a nutshell is a review of six top brands of stun devices and a quick overview of tasers. You can see what the differences are and hopefully you will find one that you like.

The Streetwise 8 million volt Small Fry is perhaps the most potent stun device available.

The Diablo 5 million volt Stun Flashlight can offer triple protection.

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