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Tools to Help You Properly Document an Accident to Assist a Traffic Accident Investigation

If you’ve ever been in a car accident or car crash you know how frightening it can be. The last time I was in one the very first thing I thought of after I found out that everybody was okay was what was it going to do to my insurance rates? Auto insurance is a wonderful thing until you actually need it. Then it can be an absolute nightmare getting a claim resolved with an insurance company. If you think you have any leverage over them, forget it.

However there are some new tools in the marketplace that can help you document a car accident or a car crash that you are in by taking a car crash video and help prevent a rate increase. Does that sound strange? Well it isn’t because today’s technology can allow you to do just that. You may know that most police cars have cameras in them to document what officers do in the case of stopping a suspect. That same technology is available to civilians.

Here are four tools that you can use to document a car crash or car accident by taking a car crash video to help keep your auto insurance rates from going up.

The first is a really unique product and has a camera and DVR along with a GPS. It can help you record video and audio to help prove your case in the event of an accident. It records audio and video footage with a Google map that has both your bearing and speed. This can be a definite help in a situation where there are no witnesses and the police are likely to say it’s a “no fault” accident which will cause your insurance rates to increase.

Second is HD car spy DVR with flip screen. It provides on the spot instant video playback of what happened, providing concrete evidence for police officers or other interested parties. Video is date/time stamped and only records when there is motion in front of the camera.

The third one is the Car Dash Camera with two-inch screen. It can record accidents and collect evidence. It can also act as a tool to catch criminals who are vandalizing your car or home. It has a viewing angle of 72 degrees and records audio and video for 4 1/2 hours at a time. It uses a rechargeable battery.

The last one is a car dash cam with DVR that sits in a cradle. It uses a rechargeable battery or you have the option of using four AAA batteries to power the device. This is a cool way to supply accident evidence to insurance companies and law enforcement if needed. It has a built-in laser to help you line up your recording angle.

Those are four tools that you can use to document a car crash or car accident by taking a car crash video to help keep your auto insurance rates from going up.

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