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The Best Driveway Sensors and Alarms

The Best Driveway Sensors and Alarms

Do you want a heads up when someone approaches your home? Driveway sensors let you know when someone crosses the threshold of your property. Whether you just want to know when the delivery service has arrived or you plan to monitor visitors carefully after dark, this type of sensor and alarm comes in handy. These sensors can work on long and short driveways, but they are particularly helpful for owners of a large property who can’t get a visual on the end of their driveway from the house. The Home Security Superstore has a variety of driveway alarms – here are some of the most popular models, all available at an affordable price: 

Dakota MURS Alert™ Probe Base Kit

The Dakota MURS Alert™ Probe Base Kit is ideal for large properties – it can alert you to the presence of a visitor at a significant distance. If you have a very long driveway, the sensor on the end of the driveway will communicate with the receiver in your home up to two miles away. Other benefits to this model include an immediate, audible alert that tells you which “zone” the motion is detected (your property can be divided into up to four zones). Burying the probe for the Dakota MURS Alert is a fast and easy project. 

Dakota MURS Alert Portable Probe Alarm System

This system includes a MURS system that doubles as a walkie-talkie system, and it can detect a vehicle from up to 12 feet from the buried probe. The Dakota MURS Alert Portable Probe Alarm System has 50 feet of cable, so you can put the transmitter away from the driveway. You might love this system if you live in extreme weather because it can withstand temperatures from -30 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use additional transmitters, too, so it’s possible to expand the detection range for large properties. This system is popular on ranches, homes with long driveways, and college campuses. 

HomeSafe® Motion Activated Door & Driveway Alarm

If you’re in the market for a super simple driveway alarm, this may be the product for you. The HomeSafe® Motion Activated Door & Driveway Alarm is mobile, small, and can double as a door charm if you ever want to move it closer to the house. This wireless driveway alarm detects movement almost 300 feet away, and then instantly triggers a chime or loud alert sound on the receiver. The alarm resets after 25 seconds and an LED flash also goes off when the alarm is triggered. The entire system is battery operated, so you never have to worry about installing cords or cables around your property. 

There are a lot of ways to improve security around your home without spending a ton of money. You can go so far as installing a driveway alarm with camera capabilities, so you have eyes and ears on the perimeter of your property. Still not satisfied? Consider complementing your driveway alarm with:

  • Doorbell cameras that give you a clear 180-degree view of who is in front of your house

  • Motion-activated floodlights that will go off when someone approaches your home via the driveway

  • Window alarms that sound when someone opens the window or smashes the pane

  • Night vision security cameras that give you around the clock surveillance of various parts of your property

Still have questions about choosing the right driveway sensor and alarm for your property? The Home Security Superstore has a lot of options and we can help you find a model that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our array of DIY home security products. 

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