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Taser Use Down-Suspects Don’t Want To Be Tased

I saw a news story the other day that caught my attention and thought it would be worth exploring. The article was out of the United Kingdom, but on further analysis and found out that the premise presented in the article holds true worldwide wherever a taser is used.

The basic premise of the article was that because of the notoriety and reputation as being very effective that tasers have gained since they were first introduced years ago, suspects, when they are threatened with the use of the taser comply with the lawful orders of a police officer. This of course drives down the use of tasers, which many people feel is a good thing.

As you may know, in the United States over 17,000 law enforcement agencies carry and use taser devices. They are the premier nonlethal self-defense weapon for law enforcement agencies and the premier self-defense product in a nonlethal category for civilians for their personal security.

Is it enough to say that they are nearly 100% effective? Since the Taser C2 was introduced nearly a decade ago by Taser International out of Scottsdale, Arizona, they quickly became a favorite for female self-defense and for women’s personal security. They are considerably smaller than other civilian taser models at only 6 inches long. All civilian models have a range of 15 feet.Of course police models have a longer range of nearly 30 feet and they have more features than civilian models.

But they all operate the same by shooting out two barbs that are electrified with 50,000 volts. Once the barbs hit the assailant a 30 second electrical pulse using T-wave technology that works through bullet proof vests disables the assailant, allowing you time to escape a dangerous situation. There is a built-in laser sighting system that helps with targeting. An integrated LED light is helpful in illuminating dark places to improve your line of vision.

If you happen to miss your target, you can reload another cartridge or use the end of the taser as a regular stun device. There is a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge.

If you use your C2 taser in a police documented struggle and lose it for any reason, Taser International will replace it free of charge.

There is no other self-defense product that is nearly as effective as a taser. It is the premier nonlethal self-defense product for civilians as well with nearly 100% effectiveness for personal safety and personal security.

You must be able to pass a background check before the taser can be activated, and as of now there are seven states that do not allow taser devices except by law enforcement authorities.

Check out all of our other civilian Taser Products including the popular X26C model.

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