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Tales Of Defensive Sprays

Tales Of Defensive Sprays

In our very detailed and in-depth story that explains Everything You Need To Know About Pepper Spray we gave our readers a history of pepper spray, what it’s made of, how to use it, different varieties of defensive spray and much, much more.

We have found that our readers enjoy seeing stories about how pepper spray has been used. In today’s article that’s exactly what we’re doing-sharing more stories about pepper spray usage.

In our first story a 6’6″ 310 pound Syracuse University Football Player offensive lineman has been reinstated to the team even though he still faces charges for choking his girlfriend. His fiancée accused him of lifting her completely off the ground by her neck until she began to lose consciousness. He then prevented her from leaving which is when she used pepper spray in self-defense. That’s when he allegedly slammed her on the couch and bit her on the left hip before she sprayed him again.

Syracuse is playing the Tigers of LSU in the fourth week of the season. And while this troubled player is not considered to be a starter, he arrived at the school as the number one offensive tackle in junior college. It should be noted that the Tigers have five players arrested and suspended during the off-season.

Athletes, particularly football players, seem to have a mean streak in them which is maybe why they play football.

In our second story from North Fulton County, Georgia, a young woman was getting off work and needed a ride home. She started walking along a highway when a van pulled up and asked if she needed a ride. She said no, but moments later the van pulled up again and the passenger door slid open and a man jumped out and grabbed her. That’s when she sprayed the attacker in the face. She then took off running.

Local police are warning women not to walk alone at night and to take a self-defense course such as the ones that the local police station offers every month.

In Helsinki, Finland a Female Shop Assistant at a local convenience store stopped two suspects who were reportedly trying to steal cases of beer from the store where she worked. She stopped the two as they were exiting the store. That’s when she shot pepper spray into the face of one of the suspects. She then grabbed his clothing and attempted to pull him back into the shop. The store owner says that their employees have been forced to use pepper spray a number of times to stop potential thieves. He pointed out that police response is negligible because their resources are small and penalties are really insignificant which is why petty theft is out of control.

streetwise keychain pepper spray

One of the most popular sprays for civilian use is this half ounce Keychain Pepper Spray that fires a heavy stream pattern up to 10 feet away in 10 half second bursts.

We have a feeling that you have your own stories about how pepper spray or stun guns have been used for self-defense. Won’t you share them with us so our readers can get the benefit of your experience?

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