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Spy Cameras: Four New Quad WiFi Cameras-Product Reviews

It is really difficult to keep up with today’s technology because it changes so rapidly. I remember when hidden spy cameras first came out years ago to do covert video recording for home security, or other purposes. There was no such thing as remote viewing because the hidden spy cameras at that time just didn’t have that technology.

But now hidden spy cameras have a variety of ways to do remote viewing , which gives you the capability of seeing whatever your camera sees from anywhere in the world that you can get an Internet connection. Can you imagine the power that that gives you? It’s almost like being in two places at the same time.

Spy cameras are meant to catch people doing things they shouldn’t be doing. The most popular use of them used to be as a nanny camera and that probably is still the case. But there are so many other examples of how covert spy cameras can be used nowadays with the remote viewing ability.

In this article we are going to do reviews of some new quad Wi-Fi cameras. After you see what they can do, you may want to get one.

The first one is the Wall Clock Spy Camera that operates as a functioning wall clock so no one would know they are being recorded. The Quad LCD receiver can connect up to four spy cameras for coverage around your home or office. This allows you to stream live from any computer or mobile app with no IP setup required, which was difficult for many.

The camera has a range of approximately 400 feet, a 62 degree viewing angle and detects motion up to 50 feet away with a PIR sensor. You can view the recorded footage on LCD receiver, television or computer. It has three recording modes of scheduled, motion activated or continuous. All video is date/time stamped for easy retrieval. The product comes with a quad LCD receiver included. At the present time it operates on windows XP or Windows 7 and requires a dedicated PC. The software must be running at all times to view remotely. The remote view software is included along with power supply, remote control, and USB and RCA cables. The appropriate apps are available for iPhone viewing.

Other models that are available are the Smoke Detector Spy Camera that operates exactly the same way and looks just like a real smoke detector.

Other products are a Spy Camera Fan that has infrared technology to provide a clear picture in complete darkness and an outdoor rock spy camera.

Check out all of our other Covert Spy Cameras.

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