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Security-How To Catch A Cheating Employee

In a recent ad campaign for “Small Business Saturday” it was claimed small business is responsible for creating the vast majority of new jobs in the country. The small business community is vital to driving the economic engine that is the US economy.

With the economic conditions the way they are in the United States, more people are starting their own small business. They are indeed the backbone of the economy. It takes many things to start a small business including courage, money, good business sense and a certain amount of good luck. It takes more than that to keep a small business going and make it profitable. Business owners need to be mindful of security.

Depending on where you live, as many as two out of three small businesses fail in their first year. Economic conditions have a lot to do with success rates and, as you know, the economy is not good. Small business owners have a lot of things to overcome to make their business a success. Many people feel the federal government is the biggest obstacle with all the regulations and excessive taxation but that’s a discussion for another time.

It is a well-established fact that 70% of all business losses are due to shoplifting by customers and cheating and stealing by employees. Employee theft is one of those things that business owners just tear their hair out over. A conscientious employer is concerned about his employees and can only hope that his employees reciprocate by being honest in dealing with customers and with cash and inventory of the business owner. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Security is not always up to the task.

The best way to catch a cheating employee stealing from a small business is with a spy camera. A spy camera is simply a board camera that’s placed inside an object that people are used to seeing and don’t think twice about seeing. Many new spy cameras have a DVR inside them which makes recording even easier.

Many spy cameras cannot be used in a business setting because they look out-of-place. You want something that will fit in naturally. One of the best and most effective spy cameras to catch a cheating employee in a small business is the smoke detector Overhead Spy Camera.

This effective spy camera is not a functioning smoke detector but sounds and looks like one. Inside is a 1/3 inch Sony CCD camera DVR with motion activation and remote control. It has an override feature for unassisted continuous recording. The spy camera can support up to a 32 GB SD card which could be days of recording. The motion activation feature allows for only recording when there is activity eliminating the need to sit through hours of blank video. It has a 12 V power supply cord.

When you have a cheating employee who is committing employee theft in your small business, the best way to catch him is with a spy camera.

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