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Self Contained DVR Cameras-One Of The Most Intriguing Models

For years hidden security cameras or hidden spy cameras needed an external DVR to record images. They are board cameras hidden inside a common object. The more common they are the better. They had no recording capability. To record you needed a DVR or VCR.

All that has changed with self-contained DVR cameras. In addition to having the camera inside, a small mini DVR is also located inside. It uses the same technique for recording, the SD card, as your digital camera. It can record color images in some cases up to 144 hours or more, depending on the size of the SD card. In some cases there is even a microphone inside to record audio, but not in all of them.

A lot of these self-contained DVR cameras have motion activated recording, area masking and can record all their video with a date/time stamp which is handy for legal proceedings. These hidden security cameras have brought a new level of ease of operation to an area that was quite frankly very complicated until recently. Hidden spy cameras have now reached a level where everybody can afford them and everybody can use them.

There are well over 1,000 of these self-contained DVR cameras on the marketplace today. Some of the objects that they are hidden in will work in a home, office or business setting. So they are very flexible.

Some are a bit more specialized. So you need to be careful which one you pick. Some of the more popular examples are a BIC lighter spy camera; a coke can hidden camera; there are five kinds of wall clocks to choose from, all with a DVR inside; five kinds of ballpoint pens with DVR and seven different kinds of wrist watches that make excellent hidden security cameras, plus many others to choose from.

One of the more intriguing ones is the Tissue Box Camera. This hidden security camera can be used in a home, office or business setting because nobody would ever suspect that they are being watched and recorded with a box of tissues. It can accommodate a SD card up to 32 GB. It uses a Sony CCD camera with a wide-angle lens and night vision capability. It has motion detection too.

These and other self-contained DVR cameras have brought a new level of flexibility and popularity to covert recording. No more do you have to worry about bad signals, wires all over the place and extra expensive equipment. Everything you need is in one complete package. How easy is that?

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