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Sign,Sign-Everywhere A Sign

Remember that old song sign, sign, everywhere a sign?

Signs are huge part of advertising. They are very effective tool getting a message across. Nearly $300 billion a year is spent on advertising in the United States alone.

Home security signs are great way to send a message to potential burglars. When these bad guys go around the neighborhood looking for easy targets one of the things they look for are signs, any kind of sign that warns of a vicious guard dog, for example, or a sign that warns of a security system in place or a closed-circuit TV. If they see any one of these signs they are likely to move onto another location which is exactly what you want.

This Outdoor Home Security Sign is a great example. It is easily seen from street level where the bad guys do their scouting for targets.

You can check out all of our Home Security Signs. One of them will help improve your home security.

Feedback on these posts is welcomed. Have you ever used a home security sign? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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