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Self-Defense – What Makes A Great Stun Gun

When you go shopping for a product whether it’s online or in a retail store what criteria do you use? Is it the price that determines whether you buy a product? Is it the features of the product that makes you swing from one to another? Is it the warranty-a measure of reliability- that makes you buy one over another? Or is it some combination of all three?

In this article we are going to discuss those characteristics; price, features and warranty of stun guns to help with your shopping. Because, to be honest, there are so many different stun devices on the market today that choosing one can be problematic.

We will consider these following characteristics in helping you decide which stun device might be best for you: style, features, warranty, price and supplier.

Style-the style of a stun device can be an important determining factor in choosing one. Many people don’t like the traditional style stun gun with the probes sticking out on one end. For that reason, they may choose one of the more modern stun guns that have the probes embedded in the and so they don’t protrude. That is what makes cell phone stun guns so popular. They don’t look like stun guns at all. There are other stun devices that are disguised as pens, flashlights, and batons. One of the more popular it is a telescopic stun baton. It extends out to close to 2 feet at the press of a button. All stun batons enable you to be further away from your attacker, which many people find as an attractive alternative.

Features-there are several features that people find desirable in a stun gun that may make them choose one over another. A lot of stun guns have flashlights built into them. One of the most popular features of the stun device is the disable pin wrist strap. This prevents it from being used against you should it be taken away in a confrontation. Most stun guns now are rechargeable thus eliminating the need for batteries. Yet there are still some stun guns on the market today that are battery-operated. Many come in pink as a color choice. This appeals to women and they are the biggest users of stun devices.

Warranty-the warranty may be an important consideration in getting a stun device. Many of the newer models have lifetime warranties. Others are warranted for only a year.

Price-price should be the last consideration because we’re talking about an item that will be protecting you or your loved ones. You want a quality product that has all the features that you want,with price being the least important.

Supplier-who you get your stun device from can be an important consideration too. If you’re buying it online, there are literally hundreds of different suppliers or distributors as they are called that will sell you a product. Not all of them are full-time distributors who can answer your questions should you have one.

All stun devices are not the same. There are many characteristics that are subtle yet could play a key role in determining which one you get, so do some homework and choose wisely.

The Pink Small Fry stun gun is small, rechargeable and powerful at 8 million volts. It has the popular disable pin wrist strap and a lifetime warranty all for $22.95.

The Iphone Stun Gun is rechargeable, powerful at 3.8 million volts and looks just like a smart phone.

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