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Home Security – How To Catch Vandals With This Tool

Vandalism is “willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property.”

According to statistics from the Bureau of Justice, graffiti is still the most common type of vandalism. It does billions of dollars in damage every year and contributes to the poor financial condition of almost every major city in the country. Most “taggers” as they are called are males between the ages of 12 and 21 who belonged to a gang.

If graffiti is removed within 24 to 48 hours, that is key to successful prevention. When it comes to home security, vandalism to your car or home is more the issue. What may seem like a slight “key” job is major car vandalism.

Nothing can devalue your home faster than graffiti or vandalism to your home or in your neighborhood. Defacing private property is another low risk crime-right up there with home burglary.

If you are under the misguided impression that police can protect you against vandalism, that just isn’t realistic. They may not even be able to catch the guys that did it, much less prevent it. The only ways you can catch vandals doing damage to your home is to catch them red-handed or have video proof.

The costs of vandalism escalate every year. This year it is estimated to reach $20 billion in damage to public and private property. Many cities cannot afford to repair the damage done because of budget constraints. Colorado Springs is such a city. Recently a terrible accident occurred on a stretch of I 25 that runs through the city. That particular stretch of highway is dangerous anyhow, but especially at night.

Several months ago vandals stole the copper out of dozens of street lights along that section of road making the lights inoperable. The city claims it can’t afford to repair them making the roadway even more dangerous.

Vandalism to your home or car can be very expensive too. Here’s a way to catch the bad guys. It is the Video Patrol Home Security Camera. It is designed for outdoor use and can withstand any inclement weather. It is an inexpensive outdoor security camera.

The video patrol outdoor security camera can take 75 minutes of motion activated video or 26,000 still photos. It is effective up to 23 feet away, but does not have night vision capability. To take pictures at night you need motion activated spotlights, for example. All videos and photos are date/time stamped. It uses a 2 GB SD card to record the images but will support up to an 8 GB card. It is one of the most effective tools you can get to catch the bad guys doing car vandalism too.

Check out our entire line of Home Security Cameras that can act to prevent home invasions and home burglary.

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