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Self Defense-Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

The statistics are in. We are going to report them here not to scare you-but they may! The reason we’re drawing on the statistics is to raise your awareness about a serious problem and give you some tips on how you can prevent sexual assault in your lifetime. Some female self-defense if you will.

If you’re a woman and reading this you are way ahead of your peers. Women are the victims of violence in nine out of ten cases.
1.One out of three women reports a type of physical or sexual abuse in their lives.

2.Physical violence occurs in intimate relationships in 4 to 6,000,000 cases a year.

3.Those are the ones that are reported.

If you think college is any different for young women, think again.
1.One out of four women are sexually assaulted on a college campus

2.One out of eight women will be raped in college.

3.Close to nine out of ten women who were raped knew who did it.

4.Half of all rapes occur on a date.

5.Three fourths of men and over half of women involved in date rape had been drinking or using drugs.

Think about this! With male hormones raging and drugs and alcohol flowing on a college campus can you see any potential for a problem?

And if you think marriage or being in a relationship will help, think again. In a famous study done by Liz Claiborne Corporation 20% of young women reported being hit or slapped in a serious relationship and 30% reported being worried about their safety.

And domestic violence is a huge contributor to sexual assault and physical violence. If you don’t believe me just check any police blotter.

Here are a few things that you can do to help prevent a sexual assault-more female self-defense.

1. How you carry yourself sends a signal to a potential assailant. If you walk with your head down you look much more susceptible that if you walk with your head up and at a brisk pace.

2. Believe it or not, the grocery store parking lot is the most common place for an assault. Assailants think that your hands are busy carrying things like a small child thus leaving yourself open to attack.

3. The time of day is important. There a lot less people around and less witnesses in the early morning hours or late at night.

4. Try to use the buddy system. You should always go somewhere with a friend.

5. Even how you look can make you a target. Women with pony tails and loose-fitting clothing make better targets.

6. Assailants do not expect any resistance. So if you are attacked fight back, fight dirty, scream, yell and kick-whatever you have to do to get away.

7. And lastly wherever you go carry some kind of self-defense item like a stun gun, Pepper Spray or even a taser. Even a personal alarm can be a big help in a critical situation

Knowing that you will be a target the rest of your life actually gives you an advantage because you can do some preparing for how to avoid it and what to do if you are attacked. Follow these tips on self-defense and you’ll survive.

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