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Importance of Elder Care – Why Choosing the Right Care for Aging Parents isn’t Enough

You have probably seen the astonishing statistics. They’re pretty hard to miss. Even if you don’t follow the news, Social Security recipients are already drawing more money than is being put into the system. The ramifications of this are huge. Among other things it means that the system could at some point go broke. A baby boomer reaches retirement age every 10 seconds. Within the next decade seniors over the age of 65 will outnumber those under 65.

It also means that more people are retiring every day than our retirement systems can handle and that includes nursing homes and elder care of all kinds. The fact is that even though people have seen this coming for a long time, there is still a shortage of long-term care facilities like nursing homes and just as importantly a shortage of healthcare workers to take care of our elders.

The choices for elder care are pretty straightforward. You have nursing homes or other long-term care facilities with considerable nursing services required, assisted living facilities with not quite as much nursing required and stay-at-home healthcare.

There is another alternative that is started to flourish called a group home or adult homes as they are called. These are basically private homes that rent out rooms to seniors with little or no regulation or supervision. They represent a little more than a moneymaking opportunity for the homeowner.

So aside from the shortage of beds in all these facilities to accommodate all the growing demand, there is a shortage of qualified staff. The shortage of qualified staff puts more pressure on the facility to hire people who may not be qualified. A recent study showed that nine out of ten elder care facilities have one or more convicted felons working for them.

And another study shows that elder abuse of some kind happens in six out of every 10 facilities.

Is it any wonder that elder abuse is a huge problem? In a recent study done in Maine on elder abuse, the results of the study showed that family members were taking financial advantage of their elders in close to one hundred percent of the cases.

If family members are that abusive you can imagine what convicted felons will do?

So as important as it is to choose the right facility for your elders in their remaining years, it is incumbent upon caring family members to monitor that care diligently. Whether your parents are in a long-term care facility of some kind or in a home healthcare setting, a Covert Spy Camera can help ease your mind and catch or prevent elder abuse for your folks.

It will give you another set of eyes to watch over mom and dad.

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