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 15% Off Stun Guns & Batons Use Code: 15OFF

Self Defense:New Stun Guns-Three Models

Self Defense:New Stun Guns-Three Models

As you probably know we’re introducing new products all the time. Here are three new stun guns that we think are worth your time taking a look at.

The first new model is called the Pink Lightning Rod. It is 2.5 million volts and is 6.5″long and 1″ in diameter. It is rechargeable so no batteries are needed and it has a nice little flashlight to help light the way. And it comes in black too.

The next model is the Flashlight Stun Gun that is 4,000,000 V and a flashlight that is very powerful at 120 lumens. It is 7.45″ long and has a rubberized handle that makes for easy gripping. This model is also rechargeable and comes with a carrying case and a wrist strap.

And the last of the new models is the Key Chain Stun Gun that is 5,000,000 volts of power-shown here. It is one of the smallest stun guns in the marketplace so small it can be attached to a key chain. It is 3 1/2 inches tall and weighs only 3 ounces. It also is rechargeable with a slide out wall plug.

Feedback on these posts is welcomed. Have you ever used a stun gun? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

The Home Security Superstore is one of the oldest and largest independent distributors of high quality home security, surveillance, spy, self-defense, survival and safety products. We carry a wide range of self-defense products including tasers, stun guns, pepper sprays and other nonlethal weapons that can save your life in the event of an attack.

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