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Disguised Self Defense Items Level The Playing Field

Modern-day self-defense items have really been around only since the 1980’s. That’s when the FBI authorized the use of pepper sprays for their agents. The origins of the cattle prod can be traced to the 1930’s. The cattle prod was predecessor for today’s stun gun. So all self-defense items are a relatively new concept; even newer is the idea of disguising them as other products.

So today we have stun guns that are disguised as lipstick containers, flashlights, camera cell phones, cell phones and ball point pens. And today we have pepper sprays that are disguised as lipstick containers and ball point pens, walking weights, kubatons and perfume containers.

These self-defense items like all other self-defense items provide a nonlethal alternative for your personal security. Many people have a hard time with using deadly force under any circumstances. So how are these disguised self-defense items more effective? Or are they?

Self-defense items like stun guns and pepper sprays are nonlethal alternative to a handgun’s deadly force. Their purpose is to disable an assailant long enough to allow you to escape a potentially dangerous situation and seek help. They do it in a variety of ways that they are close to 90% effective. Tasers are close to 100% effective. They are very popular for female self-defense

But disguised self-defense items actually use the same technique that the bad guys use-the element of surprise.

Some examples of disguised pepper sprays include the famous walking weights by Mace brand and kubatons that have OC spray inside. Perhaps the most popular is the lipstick pepper spray and there’s a new model out that is disguised as a heart-shaped perfume container. All of these use a full 10% strength concentration of oleoresin capsicum the main ingredient in pepper sprays.

The element of surprise provided by using disguised self-defense tools levels the playing field. Don’t give an assailant the advantage. Hold the upper hand by using disguise self-defense items.

Stun guns are little bit more difficult to disguise. But there isn’t anything that’s more effective than a stun gun disguised as a cell phone or even a CAMERA CELL PHONE. Imagine walking in a parking lot late at night when you know somebody is following you and you pull out your cell phone and pretend you’re talking on the phone. You have your self-defense weapon right in your hand in case anything should happen and the bad guy is none the wiser.

Some new models of stun guns are disguised as flashlights, ball point pens and lipstick containers. They are all very effective but there is none better than the camera cell phone. Level the playing field for female self-defense with disguised self-defense products.

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