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Self Defense-Assault Prevention Tips For Women

Women have always been the preferred targets in assaults, so much so that in 9/10 cases, where there is an assault, the victim is a woman. It is particularly incumbent upon women to be prepared to defend themselves when, not if, they are assaulted.

It’s an unfortunate fact but there is no doubt that at some point in a woman’s life she’s going to be assaulted whether it’s domestic violence after being married; whether it’s a robbery in a dark alley; or a young woman trying to get an education on a college campus. The world is filled with bad guys just waiting to assault a woman for rape, for money or just to do it.

1. The very first thing that we would recommend for assault prevention is to take a basic self-defense course. They are usually available through community centers, police departments, college campuses, or even the YWCA.

2. The second thing I would recommend is that women start carrying some kind of self defense item and I usually recommend two: a pepper spray and a stun gun. The pepper sprays for longer range self defense. The stun gun is for close range self defense.

3. Be constantly aware and follow those instincts that women have. If the situation doesn’t seem right to you, bailout. It is better to be embarrassed that a patient in the hospital.

4. Women are usually sympathetic and good listeners. If a stranger approaches with a sad story, leave immediately.

5. When you’re in a parking lot especially one that’s poorly lit, don’t be afraid to ask for an escort to your car. When you get to your car, look around and under the car and the cars next you.

6. Stairways in office buildings and apartment complexes are havens for the bad guys waiting to commit assaults. When you have the option, take the elevator. If you must take the stairs go with someone you know.

7. The buddy system is very effective. There is strength in numbers. So when shopping, recreating, walking, running or doing just about anything go with a friend. If you have a dog, take advantage of that and bring your dog along.

8. The bad guys are looking for women coming out of a shopping mall or grocery store headed to their cars. These potential victims are usually distracted by bags and groceries that they are carrying or kids that they’re watching out for. Be especially alert in these situations.

9. If you feel an attack is imminent yell at the top of your lungs. Tell the assailant to “back off” sometimes the sight and sound of a charging stun gun is enough to scare an attacker away.

10. And know that most assailants are not armed because of the added penalties if they are caught. Knowing that little fact can work to your advantage.

Follow these ten tips and will go a long ways to protecting yourself.

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