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Join A Neighborhood Watch Group-Safety Tip Of The Week

The National Sheriffs Association started the neighborhood watch concept back in 1978. Today it is one of the leading crime prevention tools in the country. There are literally thousands of neighborhood watch groups in the United States. The idea is basically neighbors helping neighbors.

A Neighborhood Watch Group is easy to start. Just contact your local sheriff’s office or in some cases your local police department. One of them will have a community officer who can help get you going. They offer signage for your home or apartment complex and home security tips that are extremely valuable.

They offer great resources for single-family dwellings as well as apartment complexes. So no matter where you live there something in it for you. They keep you up-to-date on criminal activities going on in your community in the hopes that you can avoid them and as a result stay safer. Don’t delay start or join one today.

Who knows you might even get to know and like your neighbors.

Merry Christmas to all.

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