Security System Comparison – Three Different Systems

Even though the housing market has been underperforming and stressed out for the last four years or so, home security systems have been flying off the shelves. Part of the reason for that is because home burglary has been on the steady increase in that period of time.

We won’t go into all the reasons why burglary statistics are increasing so rapidly, but one of the reasons is because most homeowners take absolutely no precautions against burglary-and the burglars know that. So for them it is a low risk, high reward enterprise.

If homeowners even took a few minimal precautions, they could discourage the vast majority of burglars who are only first or second time offenders and are not expecting any obstacles. A home security system is one way to do that. Here we are going to look at three different home security systems all wireless security to see if one of them won’t suit your needs.

The first of these home security systems is a wireless alarm system that has a motion activated sensor that alerts up to six programmable phone numbers that can be for neighbors, friends, family or law enforcement officials. The system also allows remote viewing and recording of surveillance video with up to four cameras which are not included in the system. It can be armed or disarmed by remote control. It is easy to install with no activation or monthly fee.

The second one is the system by HomeSafe. Once it is installed and any one of the sensors is triggered, it sounds a loud alarm and sends a signal to the base unit which automatically dials the first of six pre-programmed numbers. It comes with a main base control unit with programmable keypad and 105 db alarm. It also has a wireless window/door sensor and one motion detector sensor with keychain remote with panic button.

The last system is a “plug and go” instant security system with a wireless alarm and an optional 24 /7 professional emergency response service. The system can protect up to 1200 square feet line of sight and provides four emergency panic buttons. It is portable and expandable so when you get a bigger property the system can go with you. The wireless detection unit protects an area out to 35 feet and in a 110 degree arc pattern.

These three home security systems have some commonality but the differences are substantial. They all provide a level of security for your home that will offer a first line of defense against burglars.

The HomeSafe Wireless Home Security system has a 105 db alarm and will dial up to six pre-programmed numbers.

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