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Security – Most Popular Fake Security Cameras

Ever since the technology has been available, security cameras have been a major tool for business and homeowners to protect their property. They can act as a deterrent by sending a signal to would-be burglars that if they do try to enter the property they will be captured on video. The bad guys don’t want to get caught. If they are captured on video, law enforcement officials tell us that the chances of catching the bad guys increases by 50%.

So it’s easy to see why security cameras have been a major tool for business and homeowners to protect their interests. The only reason that more homeowners don’t have security cameras is because they feel they are too expensive. Business owners don’t have that concern because they are protecting their livelihood and are willing to invest more money on their security cameras. But homeowners are notoriously a penny wise and pound foolish.

So as popular as home security cameras are, the cost factor has led to the emergence of fake cameras both for home and commercial use.

There are as many different kinds of fake security cameras as there are for real ones. The most popular are the bullet camera and the dome camera. They are the ones you most likely see around homes and businesses. Businesses are more likely to have some different varieties of cameras such as the globe, moon mirror, smokie globe or a parking lot camera which is nothing more than a bullet camera on steroids.

These imitation cameras do many of the same things that their more expensive counterparts do. Most of them have flashing LED lights that give off a realistic appearance. Some have motorized pan movements going from left to right with a motion sensor inside.

The two most popular fake cameras are one, a dome camera that has a 24-hour flashing LED and is operated with two AA batteries for the LED function. It installs in minutes with a standard screwdriver with no additional wiring needed.

And the second most popular is a bullet camera that has a motion detection sensor inside it. Once motion is detected, the camera moves (pans) back and forth. It can be adjusted to any angle and also installs easily in minutes with no wiring. It uses three AA batteries as the source of power.

Both of these cameras include all mounting hardware.

Those are the most popular fake cameras.

The 24/7 blinking red light Fake Dome Camera can fool anybody into thinking it is the real deal.

We have 33 Fake Security Cameras to choose from. One of them will be just right for your home or business.

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