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Safety Tip Of The Week-Home Invasion Scam

There have been many reports on the news around the country about this scam that bad guys are using to get into your house-a home invasion scam. What happens is two guys posing as repair men, utility workers or even as policemen are attempting to get into your house. Just two days ago, two people posing as Comcast repairman tried to get into a ladies house here in town.

She got a little suspicious because she didn’t see a Comcast truck out in the street. That’s two guys had Comcast had badges on their Shirts. This lady was pretty smart. She asked for identification and when they couldn’t produce any she got very suspicious and told the guys that she was going to call first before she let them in. Well of course that spooked them and they took off.

Trust me when I tell you don’t want a home invasion because the bad guys are after more than what’s in your house, they mean to cause you harm. There is almost always violence in a home invasion.

A HOME SECURITY CAMERA will act as a major deterrent to home invasion.

Here are some tips to avoid this kind of scam.

Ask for identification.

See if there’s a vehicle associated with the company they claim to be working for.

Just because they’re carrying a toolbox doesn’t mean they’re authentic.

A company patch on uniforms doesn’t mean much.

Someone who shows up unannounced should arouse suspicion.

Always have a self defense product like a stun gun or pepper spray around the house in case home invaders get in.

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