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Sabre Wireless Home Protection System Product Review

According to some federal statistics there were over 2.5 million home burglaries reported last year. That is one every 13 seconds. There were many more untold thousands that were never reported for one reason or another. Homes without security systems are reportedly 300% more likely to be broken into.

Renters are just as likely to be victims of property crime as home owners. Close to 30% of all burglaries occur thru unsecured windows and doors. Discounts from some providers of up to 20% for auto insurance are offered when a home security system is installed.

Nearly 90% of break-ins are from what we would call “nonprofessionals” who are usually more desperate and dangerous and are easily frightened by the sound of an alarm. Are you ready for a home security system yet?

This is a product review of the new Sabre wireless home protection system which offers homeowners wireless home protection of an unparalleled nature at an affordable price.

Here in a nutshell is how it works.

You can customize up to eight preset zones by adding any of the available window/door or motion sensors. This system allows you to improve your home security using a wireless alarm system economically.

It features window/door alarms, motion sensor alarms, a remote control and a wireless keypad control center. The system comes with a smart panel main control unit, mounting hardware for the main unit, two window door sensors, a key fob remote control and an AC adapter for their smart panel main control unit.

It has four different operational modes, including arm/disarm, alert, panic and home. “When ‘alert’ mode is engaged, the main control panel will chime and will flash a green light every 1.5 seconds to denote which zone sensed movement. This mode is ideal for knowing if someone opens a door or window or goes past the motion sensor.” When the “home” mode is engaged and the system is armed, and movement is detected, a 120dB siren will sound for up to 6 minutes and the panel will flash red to denote which zone detected the movement.

You can wirelessly connect unlimited numbers of different add-on sensors in these 8 preset zones to customize for your specific home protection needs and you can customize your exit and entry alarm delay time length to suit your individual needs. You use the AC adapter to plug the base unit into a wall outlet. You can purchase batteries to run the unit in the event of a power outage.

This Sabre Wireless Security System for your home represents an excellent value for a high quality wireless alarms system for your home security. You can customize it to suit your needs with as many as eight different zones.

The add-on Wireless Keypad is ideal for garages, upstairs rooms, stairwells and bedrooms and is an excellent way to access alarm management anywhere. You can change the security pin, test the system, arm or disarm it and enroll new sensors.

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