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Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking-How It Can Help Manage Your Vehicle Fleet

When most people hear the initials GPS, they think of the navigation system that is built into a lot of cars these days. And all GPS systems work pretty much the same way. But the ones we’re talking about here are used for vehicle tracking using GPS as a tracking device. GPS systems and GPS devices can track a vehicle or a whole fleet of vehicles in real time which can save companies a lot of money managing their fleet of trucks or cars.

For individuals you can monitor your teen driver, supervise family members who drive, or recover a stolen vehicle with a tracking device. It can be used to track a small child, an elderly parent or relative. Do you suspect a spouse is having an encounter with someone in an infidelity case? A GPS vehicle tracker can be used to find out where they’re going. You can protect any vehicle, trailer, boat, motor home, ATV or anything that moves from theft with a GPS locator.

For companies who want to track their vehicles, GPS systems and GPS devices can provide real-time vehicle tracking and provide speed, direction of travel, ignition status, start/stop reporting, idle times, zone alerts, maintenance alerts and more. These are all management tools that fleet owners can use to save money and can be used keep honest employees honest.

One example of real-time GPS vehicle tracking is the Wolf Iberian real-time GPS Tracker. This GPS system works a little bit differently than some in that it has one-way emergency listening and two-way voice options. It allows for covert GPS vehicle tracking. This GPS device utilizes accurate GPS monitoring and reporting that makes it ideal for fleet management and personal safety. It can be used for up to two weeks on one charge with updates every 5 seconds.

It can operate from any location in the world using 14 satellites which allows it to be used to track vehicles worldwide. The one-way emergency listening and two-way voice options make this system a great personal safety device. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will last up to two weeks on a single charge. It can work in subzero temperatures and high humidity. It is less than 5 ounces and is in a small 3.9″ x 2.3″ x 1″ package.

When you need vehicle tracking with a GPS system, this real-time vehicle tracker protects your assets from your company’s vehicle fleet to your own car.

GPS vehicle tracking with the Wolf Iberian real-time GPS Tracker is an easy, inexpensive way to protect your car or your fleet of vehicles.

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