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 10% Off Streetwise Stun Guns! Use Code: SG10

Covert Spy Cameras-Catch That Cheating Partner

Marital infidelity has always been a big issue even going back to biblical times. So it’s absolutely nothing new. It is just human nature that women cheat on their husbands and husbands cheat on their wives. It’s also pretty common the boyfriends cheat on girlfriends and vice-a-versa. Business partners cheat on each other too.

The very best way to catch a cheating partner is with a hidden security camera or as some people call them, covert spy cameras. They are objects that are so common nobody thinks twice about seeing them. He can see them in the home office or business setting and inside them is a small board camera that transmits images to a monitor of some sort.

Some of the newer hidden security cameras have a recording device like a DVR built into them, which actually save you money and makes everything so much easier.

One of the most popular ones is the Projection Display Spy Clock DVR. It is an AM/FM radio with dual alarm clock. It can handle up to a 32 GB SD card for recordings.

Just plug it in and use the remote control to start recording. The motion activation feature will only catch activity with no dead time. When you need to catch that cheating partner this is which you need.

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