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Use Hidden Safes in Your College Dorm

book safe dorm room

Millions of college students every year are faced with the prospect of living in a dorm room with at least one roommate whom they have never seen before. You want to think they are honest but you may never know until it is too late-until something has been stolen. College dorm security has always been a big issue. That is where safes such as hidden safes, portable safes and diversion safes come in.

Most security professionals will tell you the best place to hide something for safe-keeping is in “plain sight”-right in front of everyone. That is the idea behind diversion safes. They are most commonly items that people are used to seeing all the time and think nothing of seeing them. Some examples are soda cans such as Seven Up, A&W, Canada Dry, Hawaiian Punch and fruit cans or coffee cans. There is even one that is a shaving cream can. You get the idea!

Those types of diversion safes are good for small valuables such as money or jewelry.

One of my favorites to recommend to moms and dads for dorm security is the hanging closet safe. It looks just like a regular cotton shirt. The best use is to layer it under another shirt to really hide it. Inside are nine zippered pockets that can hold valuables such as documents, money, jewelry and more. Need a place to hide your passport? This will do the trick.

There is a portable safe that will work well for dorm room security called the surge protector hidden safe. It looks just like a surge protector that every college student uses. Inside is a small compartment to hide valuables. It does not work as a surge protector but once it is turned on the red light glows adding to the realism.

Book Safes For Your Dorm Room

The most popular of all hidden safes for dorm security is the large book safe with combination lock. It looks just like a book but inside is a metal compartment that measures 3″x 8″ x 9″ with a three digit combination lock for more dorm security.

Another popular model is the hidden wall safe closet light. It is a battery operated closet touch light with a hidden compartment that is 8″ in diameter. No one would ever suspect a hidden safe inside a touch wall light.

Whatever you do, give your college student an edge when it comes to dorm security of their valuables with a hidden safe. It will give you and your student peace of mind.

Check out all of our dorm safes for dorm room security and all of our other SAFES.

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