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Home Security – The Three Most Popular Hidden Safes For the Home

There are literally thousands of products on the market today that deal with home security. Almost all of them are in some way or another associated with burglary prevention. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t believe in prevention. Whatever the reason, home burglary is on the rise in the United States. Maybe it’s the economy, who knows?

But there’s a way that you can protect your valuables if a burglar does break in: hidden safes in the home. Most people think of safes as the big vaults at your local bank and that is the best example of what a safe can do-protect your valuables. In the case of the bank it is money or whatever is in your safe deposit box.

When hidden safes are part of your home security program, the idea is to hide something in plain sight. That’s where diversion safes and other hidden safes are at their best. Some examples of hidden safes are can safes, diversion, wall, key, closet, book, portable or gun safes. They are all designed to look like something else and have hidden compartments in them of varying sizes to hide money, documents, jewelry, guns or anything else that you want to protect.

There are many out there for you to choose from but here are three of the most popular.

1. The first is a mantle clock gun safe. It is a working clock with a latched hinge front panel that hides a compartment big enough to hold an 8 inch long and 5 inch high handgun. The clock itself is a rich mahogany stain and is a handsome piece that will fit in on a mantle. Of course, you can hide other things besides a handgun in this hidden safe.

2. Another very popular safe is the Large Book Safe with combination lock. It works equally well at home or on the road. It looks just like a large book but inside is a compartment that’s 3″ x 8″ x 9″ that is a metal strong box with a three digit combination lock. It can be used to hold cash, jewelry, a gun or anything of value. Put it right on your bookshelf and no one will know that inside are the valuables.

3. One other model is the closet light hidden wall safe. This is a functioning closet touch light that has an 8″ diameter cavity that can hold cash, jewelry, keys and other valuables.

It is just a proven fact that most burglars spend 6 minutes or less inside the victim’s home. So once the bad guys get in, you don’t want to make it easy for them. Hiding valuables in plain sight is the safest place to hide them. That’s why hidden safes and diversion safes are so successful.

Check out all of our other SAFES. One of them can be just right for your situation.

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