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Proof Burglar Alarms Are Effective

We did a story not long ago about the importance of having Alarms In Your Life. We specifically talked about burglar and safety alarms such as smoke detectors and fire alarms. We also briefly touched on car and personal alarms. Alarms always have some kind of siren-the louder the better. You should check out that article and see why you need some.

Today however, we are going to follow up on our previous story about
Burglar Alarm Busts and share with you several more stories about how burglar alarms are so effective at protecting your home and valuables.

In our first example from Salem, New Jersey police responded to a burglar alarm and saw a man carrying Duffle Bags loaded with items that were stolen from a home in a nearby burglary. The man was carrying the duffel bags from the home into a nearby wooded area. The homeowner identified the contents of the duffel bags as his. Police reminded residents to be vigilant not only with your property but also with your neighbors’. “If you see something say something.”

In Interlachen, FlaPolice responded to a burglar alarm that led to the arrest of a suspect who was spotted by several neighbors near a home where the alarm was going off. Police saw him walking away from the home with blood on his hands, shirt and shorts. Police found the door with broken glass and blood around the door where he had cut himself. They also found a second door that had been nearly pried open. Burglar alarms work.

Law enforcement officials were called to a house at 1 PM in response to a Burglar Alarm Stops Burglary. Police said that the security alarm was ringing and glass from the rear sliding glass door was shattered but it did not appear that entry was made inside the home. The activated alarm was so loud that it alerted a neighboring gardener who reported seeing two male suspects but running from the property. The neighbor did his best to identify the suspects, the police have been unable to locate them. They think the suspects had a vehicle parked nearby to make a getaway.

In Birmingham, Alabama an alleged burglar tripped a burglary alarm and was caught in the act Hiding In The Basement.They found the would-be burglar hiding in the basement of the home he was attempting to rob. He has a history of targeting the homes of his neighbors. He was arrested in March on a string of burglaries of nearby homes. Busted by a burglar alarm!

In Pacifica, California a suspect fled a home when the Burglar Alarm Busted Him. At about 1:30 PM police said a person at the home heard someone banging on the home’s rear sliding glass door setting off the burglary alarm. The suspect was able to break the outer pane of glass to the door but was unable to get into the home. Someone saw him leaving the home in an older sport utility vehicle.

This four pack of window/door alarms is the Best Value In Alarms. These mini magnetic alarms can be your first line of defense against intruders. Simply place these battery operated alarms on a window or door on your property. When someone opens the window or door, the alarm will ring a loud 90 dB alarm tone.

We have been getting some fabulous true stories from our readers. I know you have something on your mind about home burglary. Don’t be selfish. Share with us!

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