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Burglar Alarm Busts

Last December we did a story about Burglar Alarms where we explained how motion sensors work and the difference between active and passive motion sensors. We also cited a Department of Justice white paper on burglary that said burglary is “still the second most serious crime in the United States accounting for 18% of all serious crime.”

It is suspected that as many as 50% of all home burglaries are never even reported. A burglary occurs in the U.S. every fifteen seconds and each one usually lasts less than ten minutes.

In today’s article we are taking a look at more burglaries that were thwarted by a burglar alarm.

In this first story from New Jersey about Different Ways to Stop Burglars, police there are urging homeowners to take a more ‘outside the box’, proactive approach toward crime prevention. They point out that quiet suburban communities are more desirable targets for burglars because they’re under the impression residents are more lax about securing homes.

Based on the results of a security survey done by the Police Department, offbeat ways to prevent burglary were discovered. The result was whatever would make a burglar think twice about breaking in was an effective tool and should be used. Some examples might include putting a sign in your front yard that warns of a “vicious guard dog” even when you don’t have a dog. Or creating the impression that you have live security cameras when in fact you are using fake security cameras.

But nothing beats a real motion activated alarm with 130 dB sound-enough to stop anybody getting their tracks. Or how about window alarms that sound an ear shattering siren when the window is opened? Those are more traditional ways but effective nonetheless.

Some burglars are being emboldened because of the inability of police departments to catch burglars. Statistics show that less than 14% of all home burglaries that are reported ever get successfully closed out. Most remain open. And as mentioned it has been estimated that fewer than 50% of all home burglaries ever even get reported.

In the second story from Troy, Michigan, an Alarm Company called a homeowner to tell him there was a burglary in progress at his home. The homeowner just happened to be nearby his home when he got the call. When he got home he retrieved his rifle from his bedroom and ordered the invader into his living room. He called 911 and held the invader at gunpoint until police arrived. Police say that the bedroom had been ransacked and that coins, jewelry and other items were staged in such a manner that it appeared they were going to be taken.

In Deerfield Beach, Florida police were looking for two men who were caught on surveillance camera stealing a flatscreen TV from a local home. Deputies were called to the home after the burglars triggered the home’s alarm system. Because the alarm scared burglars away the only thing they were able to steal was a 40 inch flatscreen TV. This is just another example of why burglar alarms are so effective.

In another incident, four men approached a home recently and began banging on the front door. The woman inside the house was not expecting anybody and did not recognize the men. One man continued banging on the door while another man entered the side gate and began trying to pry open a window. Of course the woman was terrified, but fortunately a neighbor called 911 and activated her home alarm system scaring the men away. The bad guys left in a vehicle of unknown description.

And in new England the Patriot Ledger newspaper is reporting that a burglar stole a TV from a local home but a burglar alarm prevented more from being taken. For the second time in a month, a household burglar alarm has stopped thieves from ransacking unoccupied Hingham residences. The burglar or burglars didn’t have time to look for cash, jewelry and other valuables because the alarm made the burglar take off. The only thing the burglar was able to take was a 32 inch TV. When the owner returned he discovered a window at the rear deck had been pried open setting off the alarm.

Across the pond in the United Kingdom cash and jewelry were stolen in what has become known as a distraction burglary. A couple in their 80s got a phone call from a stranger who said there was an emergency in the village and someone needed to check their water supply. Once he gained entry into the house he distracted the couple by getting them to turn the taps on in the bathroom and kitchen. He then let a second man into the property who searched their house. Both men left the property and are believed to have gotten into a black car and sped off with thousands of dollars and sentimental value jewelry.

We have a great assortment of 45 different Motion Activated Alarms and 29 Window/Door Alarms to choose from some with ear shattering sounds as high as 130 db.

What are some “outside the box” steps you’ve taken to protect your property? I know you have something on your mind about home burglary. Don’t be selfish. Share!

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