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Personal Safety Tips You Can Use

Crimes against women, particularly assaults, have been happening since the beginning of time. If you are a woman and know that you are nine times more likely to be assaulted than a man, you can take some precautions and learn how to protect yourself. The best way is to practice good home security and get some self-defense items such as pepper spray.

In this article we will discuss some personal safety tips that will go a long way towards improving your personal security at home, on the road and at work. Taking a few simple precautions that we will discuss. They cannot only discourage burglars and personal assailants but teach you how to effectively defend yourself.
When you are out shopping don’t carry large amounts of cash with you and don’t carry valuables in your purse. Don’t let it stand in the way of your safety. Many criminals are just after your handbag so give it up.

We always recommend that you carry a pepper spray with you. Ones that are on a keychain are the most effective.

Don’t park in poorly lit or remote areas. Try to shop during daylight hours.

Be vigilant at all times-especially on your way to your car.

If you are attacked, one of the most effective tools for self-defense is your voice. Scream as loudly as you can and make as much noise as you can. If you have a personal alarm use it.

When driving always keep your car doors locked. Park as near to your destination as you can. If you have valuables in your car, put them in your trunk before you get to your destination. Never leave valuables inside your car. It doesn’t take any skill to smash a window.

If you are suspicious of a vehicle following you in your car, drive to the nearest police station and report it. If you stop to help others, do not get out of your car but find out what the problem is and report it to police.

Be suspicious of strangers making contact with you. If you are alone at work after hours, make sure all the doors are locked and that there is someone to accompany you to your car.

Don’t go to any clubs by yourself; use the buddy system. Date rape drugs proliferate in nightclubs.
When moving into a new apartment or residence always have the locks rekeyed or changed.

Never open your door without knowing who’s there. Peep holes allow you to see who’s at your door.

Always keep your doors and windows locked at home, even when you’re there.

If you receive a wrong number phone call, don’t give out your name or phone number.

Be wary of stairwells in an apartment complex or at work.

If you follow these personal safety tips, you’ll be way ahead of the game towards improving your personal security and personal safety.

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