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 10% Off Expandable Striking Batons Code: BATON10

LawMate Hidden Spy Cameras Products

LawMate is a high-tech company that specializes in thermal imaging recording, hidden cameras, covert cameras, GPS trackers, digital voice recorders and other high-tech gadgets for a specialized industry. We are proud to be carrying many of their products now for the first time.
Some of the new hidden cameras that we are carrying are a shirt button, AC adapter, an iPod/iPhone charger, a weather clock, an iPhone case, a coffee thermos, a power outlet and many more.

Hidden cameras are nothing more than pinhole cameras that are hidden inside products that people are used to seeing on a daily basis. They are so common that people don’t think twice about seeing them. What they don’t know is that they’re being recorded.

The purpose of all hidden spy cameras is to catch people doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. The most common uses for hidden cameras are as nanny cameras to catch child or elder abuse in the act, to catch unfaithful spouses or partners, for home or business security and many other uses.

They often provide the visual evidence to prove a case of theft or abuse or other wrongdoing where no other means is available. Law enforcement officers have been using hidden spy cameras for decades in sting operations around the country.

Here are more details on some of the new LawMate products that we are now carrying.

  1. The first is this hidden camera key fob that can record video and take still photos using a micro SD card up to 32 GB in size. It can be used as a WebCam without any additional drivers. All video is time/date stamped for easy retrieval. The rechargeable battery life is dependent on the speed and quality of the recording. This key fob hidden camera comes with a USB cable, instruction manual and 8 GB micro SD card.
  2. The cell phone spy camera looks just like a regular cell phone but records HD quality video and takes still photographs. As far as we know, this is the only hidden camera that looks like a cell phone. It has a motion activation feature which records when movement is sensed. A photo burst capability takes five photos at the touch of a button. All video is time and date stamped. It has a replaceable lithium-ion battery and comes with an 8 GB micro SD card, belt carrier, earphones, USB cable and instruction manual.

Most of these new LawMate hidden spy cameras have limited lifetime warranties.

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