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Are All Burglars This Dumb?

In June of 2014 we did our first story about The Dumbest Criminals who commit some pretty stupid and often funny acts that are crimes.

Our story today is the ninth in this series and highlights exploits of criminals who, quite frankly, aren’t too sharp. Not only do they do things that are not smart, but they also border on being hilarious.

In the first episode of our story today we highlight a home that was raided by a Fargo, North Dakota SWAT team. That, in itself, is not funny or unusual. What makes this unusual is the fact that the home was rented out to two suspects in an armed robbery and the homeowner was a police officer in the Fargo Police Department. The homeowner/police officer found out just days before a raid that the raid was being done on his house. It seems the occupants of the home posted a YouTube video displaying some firearms that were reported stolen from a burglary the preceding month. The video was filmed in the rented home’s living room which the officer recognized. The suspects were among seven men who were also charged in an armed robbery. The homeowner/police officer did not require a background check on his tenants. Maybe he should have.

In our next story from Florence, Alabama a burglar was arrested when police found him asleep in a bedroom of the home that he burglarized. Neighbors got suspicious when they saw a truck parked outside the house when they knew the homeowner was not there. The sleeping burglar was charged with burglary and attempted theft. He is also guilty of stupidity!

Out in El Cerrito, California a burglary suspect left behind several pieces of evidence in a residential burglary where jewelry, cash and electronics were stolen. The burglar had to kick open the front door leaving a clear foot print. And believe it or not, he stole a bicycle containing a bag of Cheetos and orange soda from the local Safeway

along with the receipt which had a date stamp on it. Police went to the store and watched the store surveillance video to ID the suspect. When officers left the store, they saw someone wearing the same clothing, with the same shoes, riding a bicycle in the parking lot.

In Dover, New Hampshire recently a man was arrested in an attempted burglary which he denied. Police thought otherwise because the GPS bracelet that the man was wearing put him at the scene of the crime. Police responded to a burglar alarm at the house but didn’t find the suspect until later when they saw someone walking down the street about 400 yards away. He was wearing the GPS bracelet because he was considered a high risk offender. Guess so!

In Nashville, Tennessee two young thieves broke into a home and stole computer equipment, money, beer and a lawnmower. They also stole home surveillance camera thinking that would eliminate the evidence. WRONG! The camera’s recordings were downloaded and preserved off-site.

In the final episode of our story today a 20-year-old was arrested after police said he twice entered a house that he mistakenly believed belonged to a friend. Apparently a group of people had been tailgating at a Texas A & M football game when the unknown “perp” was not recognized by anyone at a house party. He was asked to leave, but returned a short time later and got into a physical confrontation with the resident’s boyfriend. According to authorities, neighbors had to physically remove him. He was charged with felony burglary of a habitation.

Any one of our selection of 38 Security Cameras will act as the best deterrent to home burglary even for burglars that aren’t too smart. When a burglar sees a security camera, he more than likely will select another target, which is exactly what you want him to do.

Please share with us any firsthand knowledge that you have of similar stories of criminals that are not too sharp!

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