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New Bush Baby Brand Hidden Camera Models

With the addition of the Bush Baby line of hidden cameras, we have the most comprehensive selection of spy cameras anywhere on the Internet. Bush Baby hidden spy cameras, like all other spy cameras, are good at catching people doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Some of the more common uses of these hidden cameras are for home security, as nanny cameras, or to catch elder abuse or child abuse in the act.

Hidden spy cameras allow you to record what is actually going on when you cannot be there. In that sense it allows you to be in two places at once and to catch wrongdoing with evidence so strong it will stand up in a courtroom.

Just some of the hidden cameras from Bush Baby that could be used as nanny cameras include a toy dog and an iPhone case that is designed to look like a monkey. There is also a rocket ship alarm clock that would fit well into a child’s room. These are perfect spy cameras to put in a child’s room, but many of the other products they carry would work as well. For example, cameras that are actual working wall clocks, or a wicker basket.

How about a fern plant or a throw pillow? No one would suspect that they would be on candid camera from a fern plant or soda bottle.

They have a good variety of overhead smoke detectors in the traditional style and then in a dome or a cone shape. One unique model is a single cup coffee pot spy camera. We have never seen that anywhere before. There is a TARDIS cookie jar, humidifier, air freshener and two models of wall outlet spy cameras.

Not all hidden cameras can work outdoors where they are especially useful for home security. These two models of the electrical box or yard stake power outlet can be used outdoors.

Most of their cameras have limited lifetime warranties which indicates the quality of their workmanship. Many models are actual working products which lends to the credibility of the spy camera. They all record in VGA full-color video quality and have motion detection features that enables recording when there’s activity in front of the lens. Most of them are battery-operated and have recording times depending on capability of 10, 30 or 90 minutes. That doesn’t sound like much, but remember it only records when there’s activity in front of the camera. All of their spy cameras come with a remote control and USB cable. The viewing angle is 72 degrees which is, generally speaking, enough to cover one room.

This Bush Baby Working DVD Player spy camera has AC power for both the DVD player and the camera with a 32 degree viewing angle.

This actual gum container Hidden Spy Camera holds gum and can record 30 hours on a single charge on a motion activated basis.

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